Program Dates

 Application Deadlines

Document  Before Start Date
New Applications:  7 Weeks
Returnee Applications  6 Weeks
Final Documents:  5 Weeks

Program Dates

Bases may be closed during the holiday dates indicated in the schedule by parenthesis ( ) .  Please  see the following schedule for (Holiday Dates) and the *Blackout Date note following the schedule for more information.


Click here for the complete 2019 schedule on Sar-El Israel’s site

September 2019
Sep. 8 – Sep. 26  Regular Group
(No programs Sept. 27-Oct. 27; Rosh Hashana-Sept. 30; Yom Kippur- Oct. 9; Succot- Oct.14-20; Simchat Torah-Oct. 21)
Oct. 27 – Nov. 14 Regular Group (Popular Canadian Date) 1This date is often preferred by Canadians but all listed dates are available to anybody.  or VFI+**
November 2019
Nov. 17 – Nov. 21 One Week Group (must meet at 8:00 am)
Nov. 17 – Dec. 5   Regular Group
December 2019
Dec. 8 – Dec. 26   Regular Group (Chanukah begins Dec. 23) or VFI+**
Dec. 29 – Jan. 16  Regular Group


Click here for the complete 2020 schedule on Sar-El Israel’s site

January 2020
Jan. 19-Feb. 6
February 2020
February 9-27 (Feb. 10-Tu B’Shevat)
Feb. 9-13–1 Week Group (must meet group at 8:30 am)
March 2020
March 1-19
March 1-5 –1 Week Group (must meet groups at 8:30 am)
March 22-April 2—2 Week Group (Passover is April 8-15)
April 2020
April 19-23– 1 Week Group (must meet group at 8:30am)
(Yom HaShoah—April 21; Yom Hazikaron—April 28;
Yom Ha’atzmaut—April 29)
May 2020
May 3-7—1 Week Group (must meet group at 8:30 am)
May 10-28 (Lag B’Omer–May 12; Shavuot–May 29)
May 31-June 18
June 2020
June 21-July 9–Regular Groups and International Youth Groups (IYG)
July 2020
July 12-30 –Regular Groups & International Youth Groups (IYG)
(Tisha B’Av—July 30)
August 2020
August 2-20—Regular Groups & International Youth Groups (IYG)
August 23-Sept. 10
September 2020
Sept. 13-17—1 Week Group (must meet group at 8:30 am)
(No programs Sept. 18-Oct. 11; Rosh Hashana-Sept. 19; Yom Kippur- Sept. 28; Sukkot- Oct.3-9; Simchat Torah-Oct. 10)
October 2020
October 11-15—1 Week Group (must meet group at 8:30 am)
Oct. 18-Nov. 5 (Popular Canadian Date) This date is often preferred by Canadians but all listed dates are available to anybody.
November 2020
November 8-26
Nov. 29-Dec. 17 (Chanukah Dec. 11-18)
December 2020
Dec. 20-Jan 7, 2021

Sometimes there are blackout dates due to holidays and volunteers will have to leave the bases,  sometimes for a few days if the holiday is in the middle of the week. Often we are given very little notice from the bases so all volunteers must be prepared in case they have to stay in hotels/hostels during the holidays. If volunteers do not want to incur the expense of staying in hotels, they should avoid coming during any holidays. This applies (but is not limited) to Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Succot, Pesach, and Shavuot. Usually at these times Beit Oded is closed.

** VFI Plus

Eye On Israel

The USA sister of Sar-El Canada, Volunteers for Israel (VFI), has collaborated with Gil Travel Group to offer VFI Plus, a program that includes 2 weeks of volunteering plus a week of guided touring for English speakers. This separate program offered by VFI is not connected with Sar-El Canada and we cannot be held responsible for the content etc. For more information please review their offer at: Note this program will be run concurrently with the regular Sar-El Canada program and does not replace it.