Sar-El is now accepting volunteer applications for Dec. 31 2023 and onwards.


Due to the large number of soldiers being called up there is a shortage of beds at IDF Bases for volunteers. This means there are a limited number of volunteer positions available and you will likely be accommodated off base.

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As always, don’t book your flights until you are accepted by both Sar-El Canada and Sar-El Israel.


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In the summer of 1982, in the midst of the Galilee War, Golan Heights settlements faced the disastrous prospect of losing their entire agricultural crop. The majority of able-bodied settlers were called up for army reserve duty and entire farms, with crops already ripened, were left unattended, due to the acute manpower shortage. Dr. Aharon Davidi (z”l ), the former head of the I.D.F. Paratroopers and Infantry Corps, was then directing the Golan Heights community and cultural activities.

Touched by the settlers’ distress, he sent a number of friends as a recruitment team to the United States.

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