Video Links

This page contains links to various Israel / Jewish themed YouTube videos our volunteers found relevant. The content is not produced by Sar-El Canada and the links will take you away from the web page.

A fascinating collection of Jewish documentary films:

The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive (

An Australian Take on Sar-El

Sar-El Australia produced this video showing their take on the Sar-El Experience.

VFI Educates

Due to the pandemic and suspension of our volunteer programs, VFI, our sister organization in the US, has organized and recorded a series of one hour zoom presentations aimed at “bringing Israel to Americans”.

The content is as diverse as the country. You can find a link to the YouTube video recordings here.

Women in the IDF

For a brief history of women in the IDF click here

The Sar-El Experience

See what motivates other volunteers, and their Sar-El experiences Here

Early Volunteers

Learn about the first Israeli  volunteers here