A SAR-EL work program includes:

  • FREE accommodation on the army base your are assigned to, Sunday morning through to noon, Thursday,
  • FREE kosher meals,
  • FREE work uniforms,
  • FREE lectures, and possibly, guided trips,
  • PLUS immense satisfaction for helping Israel.

Combine Sar-El work with Other Israel Travel (VFI Plus)

The American sister of Sar-El Canada is called Volunteers for Israel (VFI). VFI has collaborated with Gil Travel Group to offer VFI Plus, a program that includes 2 weeks of volunteering plus a week of guided touring for English speakers. This separate program offered by VFI is not connected with Sar-El Canada and we cannot be held responsible for the content etc. For more information please review their offer at Note this program will be run concurrently with the regular Sar-El Canada program and does not replace it.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS – Visit the Israeli site for details