Application Deadlines

Document  Before Start Date
New Applications:  7 Weeks
Returnee Applications  6 Weeks
Final Documents:  5 Weeks

Applications not received within the preceding minimum lead times prior to the start date may not be accepted.

If you have any questions about the following, please contact  your local Sar-El Canada Office.

Application Forms:

The following documents must be printed, signed,  scanned and uploaded or sent to Sar-El Canada. You will have the opportunity to upload them in the Application Procedure below.

Required Print & Sign Document
Medical Certificate (You and your doctor must sign this)

If you are not submitting an on-line application
you must also print and sign the following:
Printable Application Form ( How we get to know  you) 
Printable Agreement (What we both agree to)

Once you have printed and signed these documents, we recommend you print the Application Checklist and then continue to the
Application Procedure 
which explains the application process.
Or contact our office for assistance.

Optional Secure Document Upload
If, for any reason, you need to send Sar-El Canada additional documents without resubmitting your application you may use this Add Documents link.