Application Deadlines

Document  Before Start Date
New Applications:  7 Weeks
Returnee Applications  6 Weeks
Final Documents:  5 Weeks

Applications not received within the preceding minimum lead times prior to the start date may not be accepted. However, due to the Gaza war, we are often able to expedite on-line applications and process them more quickly. Note that, longer processing times should be expected if you do not submit an on-line application

If you have any questions about the following, please contact  your local Sar-El Canada Office.

Application Forms:

To expedite the process, all volunteers should:

    1. Submit an on-line application  as soon as you can scan/photograph your passport.
    2. Print the Sar-El medical certificate for your doctor.
    3. Other documents including the completed medical certificate and your flight information can be submitted later using this link.

Returning Volunteers who have already used the on-line application may skip the detailed instructions by using the shorter procedure found here.

First Time Volunteers using the on-line application: (Or those who have never used the on-line form) continue to the detailed procedure here.

ONLY if you cannot submit an on-line application:  you must also print and, where applicable,  sign the following (Note: manual, email or paper applications will significantly delay processing of your application so please , if possible, complete the on-line application)

      1. A clear picture of your passport photo page
      2. Printable Application Form ( How we get to know  you) 
      3. Printable Agreement (What we both agree to)
      4. The Sar-El medical certificate filled in and signed by you and your doctor. Note this is the ONLY acceptable  medical certificate.
      5. Proof of medical travel insurance.
      6. If this is your first time, a letter of recommendation from  your rabbi, another recognized community leader or a former Sar-El Canada Volunteer.

Add Documents or Flight Information Later: 

The only mandatory document for making  an on-line application is a  copy  of the photo page of your passport. You may send additional documents using this link to add documents or flight information to an existing application.