Application Procedure for Returnees

Application procedure for returning volunteers

This page is only for  use by returning volunteers who are familiar with the on-line application process and contains only minimal guidance. First time volunteers or those not familiar with the on-line application procedure should follow the detailed procedure outlined here.

You should submit your application as soon as you have a passport valid for at least 6 months after your return date. Any other missing documents as well as flight information should be submitted here at a later date.

Part 1: Sar-El Canada Application

    1. Scan and save the picture page of your passport*
    2. Proceed to the Online Application Form with as many of the following  documents as you have available. Do not wait for your medical certificate etc.
    3. Print the blank Medical Certificate and have it  signed  by your doctor
    4. Sign, scan and save the completed & signed Medical Certificate*
    5. Scan and save your proof of Medical insurance*
    6. Send any documents missing from the preceding via this link
    7. Pay the Sar-El Canada registration fee of C$100 by Interac email to or by cheque made out to Sar-El Canada 788 Marlee Ave, Suite 315 Toronto ON M6B 3K1
    8. Receive approval from Sar-El Canada
    9. Proceed to Part 2, Sar-El Israel Acceptance process.

Part 2: Acceptance by SAR-EL Israel

    1. Receive the Israeli registration Link from Sar-EL Israel
    2. Submit (to Israel) the Sar-El Israel Waiver
    3. Pay the Sar-EL Israel Application fee of $120USD (for the first week + $60USD for each additional week) by credit card
    4. Receive Sar-El Israel acceptance letter (2-4 days)

Part 3: After your final acceptance is received from Israel:

    1. Book air ticket to Israel and
    2. Submit any missing documents and flight information here.
    3. Consider Trip Cancellation Insurance.
    4. Arrange Accommodation in Israel for weekends
    5. Arrange for an Israeli Sim Card or Cell phone or an Israeli Voice & Data Plan your Canadian cell phone.
    6. One week prior to your start date you will receive your meeting instructions by email from Sar-EL Israel.
    7. Consider a Rav Kav card if you’re planning on taking any Public Transportation in Israel.

* These documents are mandatory and should be carried with you in Israel.