Cookie’s Take… Tour #4

I am home after spending almost one month in Israel.
This was my 4th Sar-El, and every time I go, I say it was the best base ever!
This base was the most interesting, XXXX, in XXXXX, a base within a base, commando and special forces, paratroopers, police, intelligence, undercover , I met them all, in the dining room, over our meals,  they spoke, and I listened  to these  beautiful young men and women who put their lives on the line for this miracle country.I really cannot criticize the program, I love everything about it, the surprise locations, the diverse peoples who are on this program from all over the world, and of course, the work, “organized chaos” is the best way to describe the work, sometimes there is a lot, sometimes not enough, so what, big deal! We are there to help, so we hurry up and wait!!!!

The food is typical Israeli, lots of salads, chicken, and some meat, and fruits.
We got our coffee in the offices of the officers. Our evening programs were very interesting and informative, our madrichas were good, but detached. Our bunks were air conditioned, our warehouse was a/c, no problem.

My only complaint is that this time the toilet was a bit of a walk, no problem after work, but a bummer when we had to go at least 3-4 times during the night, with our toilet paper.

I plan to go again, in a few years, making it my 5th time. The soldiers were so happy and appreciative to have us and it was a new awakening for them to realize how much Jews in the diaspora love Israel.


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