Couldn’t have been better

My Sar El experience could not have been better than it was. We were a small group of 9 close in age, give or take 10 years, and all on the same page vis a vis Israel and our feelings about it. The base we were on was new, clean, with many comforts we are used to and appreciated like A/C, and hot water.
Our madrichot were wonderful, very accommodating and friendly, providing great programs in the evening. The fact that it was a combat base made it interesting for those interested in guns and learning about handling them. The work was not too demanding, but we did feel that what we did was useful for the soldiers and very appreciated.
I would love to do Sar El again but know that there is only one first time and I would always be comparing the next experience to this one, which as I said, was wonderful.  I keep reflecting back on it, and feel so lucky to have had this time there.
I am encouraging others to do it or at least to find out more about it.
Thank you for this exceptional experience in Israel
Hynda F.  Toronto, Ontario

SAR-EL exceeded my expectations!

This is my second trip with SAR-EL and it exceeded my expectations!
I very much appreciated the new accommodations at *base name redacted* especially the air conditioning, considering in the heat of September. The food was great, and the work, what I had expected. I was delighted to have been in such an international group- so many interesting people and so much to learn from them. Because people from so many countries came to volunteer for Israel, I felt that Israel was less alone in it’s fight against it’s many enemies.

The madrichem were helpful and pleasant. The trip to the was very meaningful, considering that you saw the very structure, in your walks in Jaffa, that were shown in the movies and exhibits. It’s too bad that we were only allowed one hour to see the exhibits.

I certainly will make every effort to return and to tell as many people as possible about this wonderful program. It was an honor and very poignant to sing at the memorial service.
Sandra L. Victoria, BC

*New* Arrival & Weekend Policies:

Airport Arrival Time

Please note that due to so many late arrivals, we are going to insist that all volunteers make their travel plans so that they are on site in the airport no later than 12 noon on the program start date. We understand this is a process and we will be flexible for the next few months but its really important for now that we get our volunteers on the bus and to the bases earlier than we currently have.

Weekend Return Time

Also, on this note, we must insist that volunteers are ready to return to base on Sundays following the weekend by before 9am at Savidor Station. This has been a growing problem for the IDF and the fellow volunteers whom are waiting longer and longer each Sunday so buses will depart at 9am sharp on Sundays and late arrivals will have to arrange their own transportation at their own cost.

Our First Sar-El Experience – Robin B.

My husband and I first heard of the Sar-El program a few years ago, and had gone to an inspiring information session in Montreal. We knew then we would be participating in this adventure at some point in the future. Last summer, my husband retired (I had retired a few years ago), and we began to talk about Sar-El again. Soon after, friends of ours also mentioned they were thinking of doing the program at the end of May, 2018, and our plans became more concrete. Continue reading “Our First Sar-El Experience – Robin B.”

Cookie’s Take… Tour #4

I am home after spending almost one month in Israel.
This was my 4th Sar-El, and every time I go, I say it was the best base ever!
This base was the most interesting, XXXX, in XXXXX, a base within a base, commando and special forces, paratroopers, police, intelligence, undercover , I met them all, in the dining room, over our meals,  they spoke, and I listened  to these  beautiful young men and women who put their lives on the line for this miracle country. Continue reading “Cookie’s Take… Tour #4”

Indie sales rep Candiotti supports Israeli army – in person

The Westmount Independent’s sales representative, Arleen Candiotti, took some time off work this October to go to Israel to volunteer with Sar-El Canada, a non-profit group that organizes foreign supporters of Israel to help the Israeli army. According to its website, the program is open to people 17 and older who are “eligible for Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return” and “other supporters of Israel,” although Candiotti acknowledges that all but one in her 27-person group were Jewish. Participants pay their way there and for any trips on weekends, or before or after their volunteering period. “The idea is to have volunteers do chores so soldiers can concentrate on other things,” said Candiotti. On Candiotti’s trip, it was older Canadians and Americans, plus one each from Australia, Continue reading “Indie sales rep Candiotti supports Israeli army – in person”