Our First Sar-El Experience – Robin B.

My husband and I first heard of the Sar-El program a few years ago, and had gone to an inspiring information session in Montreal. We knew then we would be participating in this adventure at some point in the future. Last summer, my husband retired (I had retired a few years ago), and we began to talk about Sar-El again. Soon after, friends of ours also mentioned they were thinking of doing the program at the end of May, 2018, and our plans became more concrete. Continue reading “Our First Sar-El Experience – Robin B.”

Cookie’s Take… Tour #4

I am home after spending almost one month in Israel.
This was my 4th Sar-El, and every time I go, I say it was the best base ever!
This base was the most interesting, XXXX, in XXXXX, a base within a base, commando and special forces, paratroopers, police, intelligence, undercover , I met them all, in the dining room, over our meals,  they spoke, and I listened  to these  beautiful young men and women who put their lives on the line for this miracle country. Continue reading “Cookie’s Take… Tour #4”

Indie sales rep Candiotti supports Israeli army – in person

The Westmount Independent’s sales representative, Arleen Candiotti, took some time off work this October to go to Israel to volunteer with Sar-El Canada, a non-profit group that organizes foreign supporters of Israel to help the Israeli army. According to its website, the program is open to people 17 and older who are “eligible for Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return” and “other supporters of Israel,” although Candiotti acknowledges that all but one in her 27-person group were Jewish. Participants pay their way there and for any trips on weekends, or before or after their volunteering period. “The idea is to have volunteers do chores so soldiers can concentrate on other things,” said Candiotti. On Candiotti’s trip, it was older Canadians and Americans, plus one each from Australia, Continue reading “Indie sales rep Candiotti supports Israeli army – in person”